Reason behind Renu Desai’s sudden video presence got revealed


Renu-DesaiRenu Desai came on to the media and mentioned that she still loves Pawan Kalyan. She even mentioned that she loved Pawan Kalyan at an age of 19 years and they enjoyed good relationship for several years.

Renu Desai stated few interesting points that she broke up with Pawan due to few situations. Now, Pawan went far ahead in life and she mentioned that it is tough for her to catch him up. On the other hand, Renu Desai mentioned that she cannot move or love another person.

Renu clarified that they are still close buddies and they still share good bonding as friends. In this scenario, “Did Renu Desai’s video presence is to impress Pawan again to enter her life?” turned to be an interesting topic. Hope, this pair gets united again.