Reasons behind Pawan angry on Chiru


pawan and VaruntejThe moment when chiranjeevi became a politician and then merged PRP in Congress, the rift between chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan became unbridgeable. With personal ups and downs in Power Star’s life, the distance further increased.

While Media has continuously poured the speculations and reports from internal sources on Mega family disturbances, some believed and some wiped it off them as baseless gossips. However, Pawan Kalyan’s face off with chiranjeevi at Varun Tej debut film launch further ignited the media analysts to interpret this from political vision.

Yes, the reason why Pawan did this way is because not only he wants to maintain a safe distance from chiranjeevi but he is also willing to join his brother’s Congress party opposition TDP and campaign for them in next elections. Is this true, days ahead will say so.