Reasons for Pawan Kalyan 3 Marriages


Anna-with ChildrenAll are blasting jokes on pawan that he married third time that too a russian lady.yes he married anna.but let u people know the reason why he married 3times in his whole life. Here is the reasons appeared in social media..
firstly he married to nandini in 1997.but she and his mother was very cruel apart from that they were stoling money from their house and for that cruel nature they too got divorsed in 2007.
And then pawan married to Renu Desai in 2009.when the film Orange was an disaster nagababu lost huge amount of money so pawan gave 25crores amount of huge money to naga babu on behalf of mega family.on that matter renu left pawan and their children she went to singapore.
3rd marriage:while he was doning teenmaar movie.pawan interacted with anna supporting actor to teenmar movie.she firstly loved a person and she got pregnency.after that they too broked up their love and after that she planned to marry another guy but that marriage was cancelled.pawan adopted that child.while he was telling about their family in Jana sena pressmeet pawan told that he had 3 child.but all knows pawan has only 2 chid one is Akira nandhan and second Aadhya pawan.

Because he adopted anna’s daughter he said he has 3 child.afterthat pawan married to anna.
this is the matter behind the powerstar pawan kalyan’s third marriage.
anna with her children Aadhya and her own daughter