Reasons revealed: Why Baahubali is screening on TV too early?


Baahubali-questions-in-papeWe had already reported that SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali will be premiered on October 25th on TV. Popular TV channel MAA TV bagged the satellite rights of this movie. Many people are wondering why Baahubali will be premiered on TV so soon?

Now, the reasons for its premier were revealed. It is heard that the management of MAA TV are trying to earn huge sum by telecasting this movie through its TRP ratings.

If Baahubali part 2 comes out, no one will show interest on Baahubali part 1. So, in order to gain the interest of people and to earn huge TRP ratings, they are planning to telecast the movie on October 25th on the eve of Dusserha.

Stay tuned!