Reddy Team Tenders Apology, Removing Posters


Arjun-Reddy-if-you-hate-LipWhether the bold content of ‘Arjun Reddy’ or the bold speeches of Vijay Devarakonda..  the movie has got huge promotions.  More than the teaser and trailer, liplock poster of ‘Arjun Reddy’ grabbed the attention of everybody and it has made the headlines after Congress senior leader V. Hanumantharao reacted by tearing some of the posters on RTC buses.

In fact, the team understood the response to Vijay’s foul language and strong liplock in the teaser and they tried to cash on it with controversial liplock posters.   In response to VH, Vijay Devarakonda came up with a satirical tweet ‘Thathayya..Chill’.  On the other hand, his speech in the pre-release event of the film was also aggressive and he asked the youth to be confident and aggressive.

As the movie is gearing up for the release, ‘Arjun Reddy’ team cooled down and tendered an apology to everybody who were upset with the posters and revealed that they are going to remove all the controversial posters in Telugu states.  It seems they are happy with the huge publicity they have got with the posters and they don’t want nuisance from the agitators because previews will be screened on the Thursday night itself.