Only In Reel Life.. Not In Real Life?


Mahesh Babu always stays active when it comes to promoting his film. We can say that he is one of the star heroes who gives priority to promoting his films. He knows very well that publicity helps a lot to increase the range of a movie. Whether it is giving interviews or appearing on media and chit chat with fans on social media, no one can beat Mahesh.

Especially, when it is the release time of his movie he at least makes 40 to 50 tweets. In the case of his Spyder movie, the tweets count even reached 50. Some even commented that the tweets Mahesh made on Jallikattu are also to create Hype about the Tamil version of the movie among the Kollywood audience. But he has never posted a single tweet about the special status of AP. He has always been tight-lipped when it comes to the political affairs. Even the Telangana leaders are also responded positively about the special status for AP but Mahesh is only being silent.

Interestingly his upcoming movie Bharath Anu Nenu is a political thriller and is featuring Mahesh Babu in the role of a Chief Minister. But Unlike the reel life, Mahesh maintains his distance with politics in real life. He never responds about the political issues. But will his statements in reel life create any impact on the audience? Let’s see..