Response On Tweets Upsets Koratala


Koratala-SivaSocial media has become a tool these days to reach out to many. But those ‘many’ are the ones who cause trouble with their unethical and insensitive comments. One such happening also upset director Koratala Siva, if we have to believe reports.

Though he wrote only punch lines during his stint as a writer, he changed the way his stories will represent society after he became a director. He’s giving social messages through films like Srimanthudu and Janatha Garage. And now, when he tried to give the similar message through twitter, the response he got is something different.

“Politics becoming dirtier and dirtiest. At an all time high. God can’t save it. We can. We only can”, this is his yesterday’s tweet. A couple of days before he claimed that government’s need to establish SIT to eradicate corruption as well. “Drugs are a bigger menace to the society. Need of the hour to clean it out. should appreciate the conviction to do so. Don’t we have a right to expect the same aggression to clean out the equally or say bigger menacing issues like corruption” he said.

Many responses on these tweets included that Koratala Siva is promoting his latest movie “Bharat Anu Nenu” through these lines as the Mahesh Babu starrer also revolves around politics and how a young Chief Minister transformed the future of a state forever. Hurt by these comments, Koratala is said to have told his associates that few things never change in society.

Well, will a single tweet promote a film and its political theme? And for a movie that has Koratala at the helm with Mahesh Babu as a hero, such tweets are not needed to promote, say fans.