RGV 12 films in 12 Months


RGV 12 films in 12 MonthsRGV is India’s top film maker and he is a true inspiration to many and the present days’ top directors are disciples of RGV long ago. The present condition of RGV is to score a hit for sure and he is completely involved in scripts and is trying hard to score a hit. According to the latest buzz, it was said that he has resolved to make 12 films in 2014 which roughly works out to one film every month to touch his dozen movies mark.

He has completed ‘Pattapagalu’ and ‘Rowdy’ in two and half months and set to make another 10 films, to give a feast to his fans and in fact, he has readied all the scripts and are in ready-to take off soon.  Perhaps, his plan to dish out more films, could be his passion for cinema or he wanting to make more money in 1 year, to clear of his debts if any. Persons close to him, claim that the teaser and trailers for both his film have come out ‘well’ and quite ‘exciting’.

RGV has directed a film titled as Rowdy featuring Mohan Babu and Vishnu and Rajasekhar is also going to star in RGV film that was titled as Pattapagalu!! Hope he sets a new trend in TFi. All the best RGV.