RGV apologizes on behalf of Naga Babu


rgvRam Gopal Varma didn’t spare Naga Babu who blasted him for his Tweets on Chiru’s 150th Movie and called him an ‘Akkupakshi’. He claimed many families ran because of my career but Mega Brother’s career runs only because of his Brother’s Family.

The Maverick Director advised Naga Babu to concentrate of pleasing his brothers instead of wasting time on akkupakshulu else he might be on roads. He even appealed Chiru not to take Naga Babu brother to such prestigious events as he will spoil them. He also urges Megastar not to let his incompetent brother spoil the greatness of his achievements.

RGV cautioned Chiru that his damager will aways be his nearest one. He went on to say that the minimum Naga Babu can do for Chiru is doing nothing because only his nothing is better. Ramu dared to say Naga Babu talks like that only to appease Chiru and Megastar tolerates him just because he is his brother. Finally, RGV stopped tweeting out of respect for Chiru but warned about revealing actual things if Naga Babu doesn’t keep quiet. He felt God gave Naga Babu only to balance many positives such as Pawan, Bunny, Charan, Varun and Sai Dharam Tej. Lastly, He sincerely apologized to all Chiru’s Fans on Naga Babu’s behalf for the inconvenience caused by Naga Babu.