RGV Apologizes to Naga Babu, Varun Tej


Ram-Gopal-VarmaGenius filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who is known for his rants on twitter against celebrities, has been surprising one and all over the past two days with his apologies.
The other day, he apologized to fans of Pawan Kalyan for continuously targeting their favorite star and them. Later, he apologized to Tiger Shroff for making ‘woman’ comment against him. Afresh, on twitter platform, he sought an apology from both Naga Babu and Varun Tej.

Varma said that he read the comments of Varun against him about Naga Babu and that he regret making them. He then apologized to both the father and son. He added that if he was the younger brother of Chiranjeevi, he would have thrashed the one who made comments against him. ‘Being a gentleman, Naga Babu restricted himself to just words,’ Varma said.

It is known that Naga Babu’s outburst against Varma for making comments on Chiru were witnessed during the pre-release function of Khaidi No.150. Varma later made a series of comments targeting Naga Babu and the issue became more complex. He has now surprisingly sought an apology for his comments.

Don’t be surprised if RGV makes a tweet later saying his account was hacked and that he didn’t make those apology tweets.