RGV Asks For Deep Investigation


Ram Gopal Verma has been the most affected by Sridevi’s demise. His tweets and social media posts are a big example of that, on the occasion of Holi he tweeted,

“I care a damn about which demon was killed in the past for us to celebrate HOLI ..since I am grieving for the way God Killed SRIDEVI ,I wish everyone a very UNHAPPY HOLI #UnHappyHoli”

He has been tweeting something or the other since, Saturday, when he got to know that Sridevi is no longer alive.

He now released a press statement asking how come media has accepted the Dubai police investigation?

He wrote, “Indian media tried to investigate Aarushi murder by themselves and still the truth is not entirely known. Now, when such a huge celebrity has left us alone, why aren’t media worried to bring out the facts, How come they are accepting the investigation by Dubai police?”

He went on to point out that there are many spelling mistakes and complete investigation reports are not been released in this case by Dubai Police and Prosecution.

Well, Boney Kapoor and family of Sridevi, requested for privacy in their grief and may be, we should stop trying to investigate more and more, as the image of a great actress could be at stake here.