RGV filing Criminal Cases Against TV9


ram-gopal-varma-complaint-aSince few days, A friction has been continuing between Ram Gopal Varma and popular news channel TV9. The Filmmaker took part in a TV Debate organized by the media house within hours after attending the CCS interrogation regarding the case filed against him by Social Activist Devi. It was then RGV challenged TV9 Rajinikanth to run a poll to find out who among them are more honest. Whereas, The TV Presenter didn’t show much interest in doing so. Then, Varma asked Rajinikanth to run a poll at least on their social media handles and the Journo agreed to do so.

On his Twitter page, RGV placed the poll – ‘Who is more really honest?’. While 85 percent favoured Varma, 15 percent came in support of Rajinikanth.

Ramu didn’t stop there. He claimed to be chilling on the 27th floor  terrace in Mumbai while watching nuesencically non sensical reports of TV9. He didn’t mind saying TV9 should be renamed as TV9 Circus Jokers.

Today, RGV declared he is filing multiple criminal cases against TV9 for alleged distortion of facts and spreading malicious news. He terms the news leaks of TV9 from an ongoing investigation as a crime and warns it will be dealt as per the laws of the land.