RGV Gets Women Appreciation For GST!


RGV-GST-titleRam Gopal Verma knows how to instigate a good publicity for whatever he does and he did the same with his latest short film, God Sex and Truth as well.

The movie named GST in short form, became a trending topic the moment he released the first poster with porn star, Mia Malkova. He even debated with many women activists saying about his pure intentions to promote sex as a philosophical experience than just lust.

The movie was supposed to release on 26th January but the director claimed that the servers have crashed due to traffic and released it today, that is, Friday.

Well, he got few messages from women after the watching the short film and shared them in series of tweets and thanked them as well.

“A woman’s msg after watching #GodSexTruth ..Every scene is making me shiver. It’s not porn, its not even philosophy, it’s a holy worshipping of Sex and spiritual adoration of every inch of a woman’s body. This film should be worn as badge of honor by every woman.”

“A msg after watching #GodSexTruth..As a Girl I was repressed by societal rules/moral values ,but after GST I am Thankful to God for making me a woman ..I loved the Philosophy about women’s sexual Freedom ..It made me think about my sexual rights ..Thanks to @MiaMalkova and Rgv”

“Thank u all for tremendously appreciating the intent behind me making #GodSexTruth with @MiaMalkova …Each and every woman who saw it loved it and understood my respect for the beauty of a woman”

Well, he did manage to reach a greater crowd with all the discussions and sensational conversations! Have you seen the movie, yet? Go watch it, if you don’t RGV might promote it some more!