RGV Into Silence With Raj Tharun!


RGV-Into-Silence-With-Raj-TWho else other Ram Gopal Varma understands the value of sound in effectual presentation of a film. He is a setter of new benchmarks in Indian cinema when it comes to innovative ways of sound recording. For example, ‘Shiva, Deyyam’ still remain as elementary learning classes for amateur sound recording engineers. In total contrast, Rgv is planning to go for a silent (mookie) movie with Raj Tharun as hero.

‘I am working on this concept of a silent film and finally cracked a crime comedy script starring Raj Tharun as hero. This will be a multi lingual project to release in many languages. Along with Raj Tharun, there will be many artists from multiple film industries to work on this project. As there is no language to the film, we can have a widest release in as many states,’ Rgv enumerated the idea.

From the times of 1913 starting with ‘Raja Harischandra’ or 1921 released ‘Bheeshma Pratigna’ to ‘Pushpaka Vimanam’ released some 30 years back, there are experiments done on silent movie without any sound. All of them are today reckoned as biggest technical experiments and Rgv is on the same path to glorify the importance of silence with this untitled flick.