RGV reveals: What Sridevi’s family members did to her is shocking


Ram Gopal Varma has revealed certain shocking facts about Sridevi’s life. In his latest blog post, the director says that the actress was always a bird in a cage and was happy only when she was in front of the camera. She was a victim of an “overprotective mother” who took wrong decisions, a sister who dragged her to the court, and a mom-in-law who literally punched her. Her husband, Boney, was debt-ridden.

“I know her life from the time I met her. I saw with my own eyes how her life was like a bird in the sky till her father’s death and then became like a bird in a cage due to her overprotective mother In those days actors used to be only paid in mostly black money and due to fear of tax raids her father used to trust friends and relatives and everyone of them betrayed her the moment her father died,” RGV says.

“Coupled with this the ignorant mother made many wrong investments in litigated properties and all those mistakes combined made her almost penny less by the time Boney came into her life. He himself was in huge debts and all he could afford was to give her a shoulder to cry on,” Ramu writes.

“Her mother became a mental patient because of a wrong surgery on her brain in the USA and somewhere along the way her younger sister Srilatha eloped and got married to their neighbour’s son. The mother, before dying, put all properties in Sridevi’s name but her sister put a case on Sridevi claiming that her mother was insane and not in her senses when she signed the will. So, in effect, the woman desired by millions in the world was all alone and almost penny less in the world except for one Boney,” the director says.

“Boney’s mother portrayed her as a home breaker and publically punched her in the stomach in a five-star hotel lobby for what she did to Boney’s first wife Mona In this entire period except for the short glimmer of ‘English Vinglish’, Sridevi has been pretty much an extremely unhappy woman,” RGV notes.