RGV RIP! How did Varma respond?


Ram Gopal Varma shared a viral picture that’s been circulated by Pawan Fans on Social Media. The message conveyed here is that RGV has passed away and film personalities has given send off to the filmmaker with a smile on their faces. Ramu gave a finishing touch with his Tweet, ‘Luv u tooooo my dear sweet darling lovely beautiful cute PK fans ..BIG hug to u all’.

Another Tweet of RGV is believed to be targeted at noted Comedian-turned-Producer: ‘Barking dogs far better than licking dogs bcos barking dogs can atleast graduate to biting dogs and licking dogs will become worse than rats’.

Ramu conveyed Ugadi greetings in style: ‘Happy Ugadi greetings to all ..I pray that great fortunes be given to each and everyone of you by God’s blessings’.RGV-tweets