RGV Saw Puli In Agnathavasi


1515648267-1435Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma lives in Mumbai but stays updated about Tollywood. He makes comments on almost every Telugu film. He either appreciates it extremely or bashes the film. He admired the team of Agnathavasi after watching the trailer but is now giving sattires after watching the film.

‘Puli’ is the biggest disaster in Powerstar Pawankalyan’s career. RGV indirectly compared Agnathavasi with Puli and gave punches in his own way. “I never saw a PULI who is so tooth less and so claw less and I am simply stunned at how it�€™s stripes keeps changing and the the most shocking is instead of jumping this PULI just crawls” tweeted Ram Gopal Varma.

Agnathavasi movie which got released with high expectations disappointed the audience a lot. It seems like RGV is the one who got disappointed the most. He once again remembered the flop movie Puli and made comments on Agnathavasi. However, RGV’s tweets is worsening the wound of Pawan fans.