RGV Says KCR Is Like Gandhi!


Mahatma Gandhi became Father of the Nation for Indians as he crafted the freedom moment that made British to leave India finally after 200 years. Many tried through combat but his methods of non-violence and protest only won the day.

Comparing him with Nelson Mandela could be a valid one as even Mandela fought through non-violent means in South Africa against racism. But sahig KCR is like Gandhi is a bit of an exaggeration.

RGV went for such a high praise and said, ”Gandhi brought Independence to India and KCR to Telangana. When you read the stories of Telangana people before the separate state is formed you do understand that there was oppression.

KCR is father of Telangana and he should be respected with such great title. He could create awareness and bring everyone under one roof to make Telangana dream possible politically.”

Well, RGV seems to have taken a liking for KCR as he is making biopic on KCR. He clarified that he will make a film on KCR with a theater actor as lead and he thinks that is the best possible way to go forward.

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