RGV shifts focus to Bangalore underworld


Ram-Gopal-VarmaRam Gopal Varma, the most maverick director who always keeps talking about something or the other has now shifted his focus to Bangalore Underworld.

Here is what he says: “Had a most amazing meeting and a most fascinating understanding of the Banglore underworld. Bangalore underworld has a far more viscous quality which explains its pan india effect nd it’s links to Mumbai and Dubai based Underworld. After all my understanding what I had of the underworld I realised today that the D Company is much less in comparison to B Company. To just call it Banglore Underworld is not justified because today I realised that Banglore underworld is actually the Indian underworld”

And the latest update is that RGV now wants to make a movie on Bangalore Underworld. The title of his film on the Banglore Underworld is going to be “Appa” and the tagline of “Appa” is going to be -The Father of all Godfathers. The film revolves around Mutthappa Rai of Karnataka, a former mafia don.