RGV solid support to Maggi


If you want to know about Ram Gopal Varma and his mindset on certain things, the best place to do that would be to follow his Twitter account. Usually, RGV is known for his rebellious thoughts and radical opinions. RGV known for creating trends and he always like to choose different path.

While the entire country is busy with discussion about ban on magi RGV choses different path and he  posted   photograph in which he was seen enjoying  the banned instatnt noodles..

Recently showered a flood of tweets praising his favorite  Maggi and compared it with famous Tirupati Laddu. RGV’S act must have given immense strength for all Maggi lovers and it has to be seen how the anti-Maggi groups will react to it.Photo-Story--RGV-solid-support-to-Maggi-1565