RGV Takes A Dig At Critics


RGV-tweetsDrugs issue and the involvement of Tollywood celebrities is one of the most discussed topics in Telugu states now.  SIT officials have issued notices to a dozen Tollywood celebrities and they are questioning them one by one.  Actress Charmy has also received notices.  But she has approached High Court raising doubts on the investigation process before attending the questioning.  She alleged that Excise Enforcement director Akun Sabharwal is targeting Tollywood.  Speaking on the issue, Ramgopal Varma commented that Charmy fought for her respect & Tollywood as Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi.

This comparison didn’t go well with some political groups, BJP in particular.  They have criticised Varma. Responding to their criticism, Varma told that “What’s wrong with my statements? Patriotism, Nationalism concepts were not there in those days.  She fought for her kingdom and people.  Similarly, Charmy has fought for her honour with Government.  This is my personal opinion. Don’t create unnecessary hungama by mixing this with politics.”

Varma also opines that why SIT is investigating film celebrities as if only film industry is the reason for drugs mafia. He felt that SIT officials should reveal what those 12 stars revealed in the investigation.. otherwise SIT should stop giving suggestions to the media that there are still bigwigs in the industry.   It seems Varma didn’t like the way SIT is carrying out the investigation.