RGV’s Comments on Rangasthalam


Ram Gopal Verma has good fan following on social media and equal amount of hatred too. Still, he daringly says what he has to and enjoys trolls too.

As Rangasthalam is topic of the moment he tweeted on the film and appreciated it.

“#Rangasthalam is truly a centre stage bullet achievement..Ram Charan is mindblowingly fantastic ..and hey @aryasukku Here’s my 3 to you and also my 3 to u”

An enthusiastic fan of Sukumar asked RGV to learn direction from Sukku

“Rangasthalm Chusi neerchuko cinema elaa thiyaalo, urike twitter open chesi akkupakshilaaga contraversylu create cheyadam kaadu” (Learn how to make movies from Rangasthalam and don’t just keep drawing controversies on unnecessary things in Twitter.)

To this RGV fan, a boy replied with a video of Sukumar praising RGV and how he learned observing RGV’s films.

“Rgv ki cinema ela teyalo chepthunava ha ha
Watch sukku speech about Rgv”

She gave a counter to it by saying this

“Telsu telsu rgv gurinchi 1st nunchi last varaki… Shiva nunchi ice cream varaki motham thelsu.” (I have been seeing films from Shiva till Ice Cream. I know what he is and what he is capable of well enough)

For her comments she had to defend herself and her comments which were attacked by many others.

Well, even when RGV appreciates a movie, it is turning into a troll or a controversy. Truly, he changed his reputation a lot.