RGV’s Reaction on Twist in Sridevi’s Death


Maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who is an ardent fan of late Sridevi, is shocked and stunned with the twist in the untimely, accidental death of Sridevi in Dubai. While contrary to initial reports of a possible cardiac arrest, the fresh forensic science reports stated that Sridevi was died of “accidental drowning” in bath tub.

Responding to fresh twists and turns, RGV said, ” With regard to Sridevi,I always heard people talking about the beauty of her body,her angelic face, her expressive eyes,her sensuous lips,her awesome waist ,her alluring lips and her thunder thighs ..And now they are talking about her mortal remains ,the insides of her oesephagus ,alcohol in her blood, water in her lungs and the contents of her stomach.”

“Can any person’s life end in a more tragic and in a more horrific way?
Its traumatic to hear her being dissected in so many terrible ways ? I feel like just fucking kill myself to hear of her being talked about in this manner !”

In fact, RGV really made valid a point. The life and times of Sridevi have totally changed towards her end such that no one would have ever think of. Needless to say that the God’s screenplay has enough twists in Sridevi’s life.