Risking Others Life Is Not Heroism: Allu Arjun


Allu-Arjun-Speech-at-TraffiTollywood celebrities Allu Arjun and director Rajamouli have attended the Traffic Awareness Meet as chief guests today. During the meet, Stylish Star has delivered an interesting speech. He said that “International organisations judge us in two aspects.. one is sanitation facilities.. two is trafffic.”

He added that “They will come to an understanding about our common sense and civic sense by observing us how we are driving in the traffic.  My best friend’s house is on the same street where I have my house. His house is at the end of the road. If I drive there and take right, I’ll reach his home. But it is wrong route. It’s against the rules.  Eventhough many people may think that I’m a fool but I take left..  take a U turn to reach his home.  No one has changed by taking inspiration from me.  Only my driver has changed. That’s enough for me.”

When we are driving a car, steering will be in our hands.. that means not only our life.. others life is also in our control.  Our mistake might cause a huge loss to others. We can’t compensate a family if something happens a to a breadwinner in their home. It’s not heroism to risk others life.  If we take drinks on any day.. we have to reach home by cabs like Uber.. Ola.. or we should ask one of our friend to drive who is not drunk. But we should not drive the vehicle at any cost.”