Ritesh Guttedar Narrow Escape From Racing Car Accident in Madikeri


Racing-Car-AccidentA MLA’s Son had a narrow escape while taking part in car racing. Anybody who had seen the accident would say that it’s more like a new life for the Youngster.

Karnataka’s Afzalpur MLA Malikayya Venkayya Guttedar’s Son Riteish took part in a Car Race at Madikeri in Gulbarga. Just few metres before the ending point, The vehicle he was driving went out of control and overturned.

Luckily, Riteish escaped without any injuries. But, The car used for the racing has been damaged very badly. People rushed to the spot upon knowing about the mishap.

Cops, on the other hand, said there is no permission for holding car races in that particular area. They were investigation to take action against all those involved in the racing.