Rohit Shetty to direct Prabhas!


Rohit-Shetty-to-direct-PrabRohit Shetty, the pioneer of action comedies in Hindi Cinema, recently watched Baahubali the conclusion. At an event, when he was quizzed about it he heaped praises on team for their efforts.

He said, “Baahubali The Conclusion, is a great example of team effort and it just did not become a huge success because of actor’s popularity.” He further praised Rajamouli as a visionary director and said he loved his previous films too. He took a dig popular actors going on a promotional overdrive.

“I think Baahubali team showed how less promotional activity is more for a popular film that has enough buzz around it. We see many actors going on reality shows, shopping malls, theatres, railway stations and every possible place for promotions but I believe it is absolutely unnecessary. At the end of the day, it is the movie that will decide it’s box office fate not your promotions”, exclaimed Rohit.

He said he likes to direct Prabhas in future and shared that, “Of course I want to direct Prabhas in future and in fact, I would love to direct each and every actor from South!”