Romance of a Mafia Don!


Shraddha-kapoor-Haseena-movieIn Bollywood, Mafia stories have a great demand due to their unconventional stories and the different angle of heroism they present. Always the stories of male dons have come to the forefront but never we saw a female don dominating the screen.

To give us a glimpse into the world of females in the Mafia, Shradda Kapoor is coming with Haseena, story of the sister of World’s most wanted and feared Mafia don, Dawood Ibrahim. Haseena Parker is said to be the most feared criminal in the mafia world with more than 88 cases pending on her. But she just walked once to the court and this gives an example off her criminal history and strong hold on mafia.

Shradda Kapoor who recorded a commercial hit with Half Girlfriend has surprised with her transformation for the role. Now, the second poster released by the team had her romancing with Anukar Bhatia. Well, we are wondering if the life story of Haseena has such a love story or is this the creation of Aproova Lakhiya who made The Dirty Picture and Once Upon A Time in Mumbai before. Well, the shooting is going on in Pune as we speak and the release of the movie is scheduled for later this year.