RP’s Outburst Over Daughter’s Love Marriage


Rajendra Prasad’s emotional outburst at the audio launch of ‘Bewars’ became a talking point.

At the music launch, Rajendra Prasad told: ‘A Man who lost his Mother would treat his Daughter as one. My Mother passed away when I was 10-Years-Old. I have a Daughter named Gayatri. I stopped talking with her as she had gone away after Love Marriage. Upon listening to the song penned by Suddala Ashok Teja in ‘Bewars’, I felt like calling Gayatri to my home and make her listen to the song. ‘Thalli Thalli Na Chitti Thalli…Na Pranale Poyayamma’ Song is so close to my heart. I played this song 4 times repeatedly in the presence of My Daughter. I hadn’t shed tears when My Mom passed away but broke down when My Daughter left Me. I would have fallen on the feet of Suddala Ashok Teja had if he wasn’t younger than him. He offered such wonderful lyrics. When we act in certain films, We need to recall unforgettable incidents’.

‘Bewars’ is based on the concept that not just the Children who doesn’t understand Parents but the Parents who doesn’t understand their Children ends up becoming bewars. October 12th Release!

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