Rudhramadevi Pirates Arrested


Rudhramadevi-1st-Day-CollecDespite efforts by filmmakers against piracy and a John Doe order (a critical analysis on the perspective of copyright infringement of film productions) from the high court refraining websites from hosting a pirated version, Gunasekhar’s dream project Rudhramadevi movie was pirated.

The Cyberabad police arrested three men on Monday morning in connection with the piracy issue of Rudhramadevi. The police have seized a laptop and pirated CDs from them. These three notorious camcorders have recorded full Rudhramadevi released on Friday.

Although anti piracy cell, police and government have tightened up the things, they couldn’t fully stop films being pirated. Video piracy becomes one of the toughest challenges for film makers in India. There are lots of movies affected due to piracy and producers lose crores of money due to piracy in India. Pirated copies of movies are sold for cheaper rate across the country.

As Rudhramadevi is one of the big budget movies in Tollywood, producers should take strict measures to stop piracy. Apart from directing, Gunasekhar has also produced the movie.