Rudhramadevi sequel – Prataparudurudu


Rudramadevi-Nizam-Theaters-After a lot and lot of postponements finally Rudhramadevi is into the theatres and they have got mixed talk for this movie. As few are stating the VFX are so poor and it never matched the story that Gunasekhar gave others said VFX is not a problem for historical drama. “If story is a great way to deal with where have gone the 80 crore budget spent on ?” few were questioning.

Now the big task is as the revenue is not at all confirmed to bring the range on Gunashekar is trying to bring another movie as sequel for Rudhramadevi. They said its a considerable sequel and the story would be gone with Pratapa rudurudu all the way. Rudramadevi has 3 daughters, But she got adopted son named Pratapa rudrudu and he is the final king of Kakathiya kingdom now Guna is showing interest to deal out with that last heir as his hero. The cast and other details are not yet finalized.