‘Rudhramadevi’ will not have Hindi release too !


Rudrama-Devi(1)‘Rudhramadevi’ is still facing lots of troubles. The movie earlier got lots of delays due to unknown reasons and now the makers have confirmed the release on October 9th.

But earlier we reported that the movie will not be released in Tamil due to unknown reasons. Now the same happens for Hindi version too. Abhishek Pictures and Reliance Entertainment who bought the Hindi rights backed out at the last minute and this has caused problems.

Now we hear from sources that Director Gunasekar is facing deficit of crores of rupees even before the release and as he came to have mutual understanding with the financiers he is releasing the movie on October 9th.

But the release will just be in Telugu and it won’t be in 3D. The director keeps all his hopes on the movie and he firmly believes the movie will do well like ‘Baahubali’.