Rudramadevi Off To A Flyer


Rudrama Devi Off To A FlyerGunasekhar’s historical epic drama Rudhramadevi has certainly caught the attention of filmgoers despite numerous delays and postponements.

Advance bookings are rocking everywhere including the plexes and single screens. First day number for this film is going to be huge says the trade. It would be on par with any big star’s movie they say.

Cinemagoers are looking for something different from the usual. We have seen Baahubali creating wonders at the box office when Rajamouli pushed the envelope with his brilliant visualization and imagination.

Film buffs are expecting similar kind of entertainment and experience with Rudhramadevi which looks promising from the outset.

Anushka is capable of pulling the audience to the theaters all by her own. Arundhati was the biggest hit of Telugu Cinema industry (including all versions) during that time.

Now she hasand Rana Daggubati to give ample support besides the familiar and intriguing story of the warrior queen.

Midnight shows have been planned for the film in many centers so the talk should be out in few hours.