Rudramadevi Public Talk: Allu Arjun and Anushka’s show


Rudramadevi-Guntur-TheatersRudrama Devi is a decent attempt from Gunasekhar. Heavy duty star cast, rich visuals and Allu Arjun’s stunning character elevate the film to a decent level. But a dragged out narration and slow pace of the film makes things tedious during the second half.

Allu Arjun is undoubtedly the major highlight of the film. Gunasekhar has designed his character supremely well and Bunny does an awesome job with his diction and rugged look. The way stylish star has infused a comedy touch into his character is remarkable.

The film is bound to get some huge openings because of the buzz it is carrying.

Ilayaraja’s music score is below average but his background score is decent in certain parts. Dialogues are pretty good and especially those written for Allu Arjun are worth a mention.

Director Gunasekhar has put his heart and soul working for this film. Most of the first half he plays his cards right and sets up an interesting interval bang. But sadly, he makes things tedious during the second half and does not elevate the required scenes.

Songs in the second half only delay the film’s proceedings.