Rudramadevi total collections


Rudramadevi-Guntur-TheatersAnushka’s Rudramadevi is still doing well in a few of the main theatres in the cities and earning good collections.

Rajamouli gave an immense publicity and that helped Baahubali, to get promoted well among the audience. Being  a big budgeted movie and that too periodical subject, that range of publicity is necessary.

The same logic should even be followed in the movies like Rudramadevi too. Gunasekhar who has put his soul into the Rudramadevi movie, could not do a proper publicity.

Though the makers thought that, Rudramadevi would dip down after the release of Bruce Lee movie, as the latter could not do well at the box office, there are every chances for Rudramadevi to pick up well. But it seems Gunasekhar believed in his subject strongly and thought that, the mouth talk would do it all.

That confidence brought him the collections for the movie, as below:

By the end of the third week, Rudramadevi collected Rs. 20.5 crores (gross) in Nizam. As there are tax exemptions for the movie in Telangana, Rs. 14.24 collections went into the distributors account directly. It is known that, Dil Raju brought this movie for Rs. 12 crores. So he had already secured more than Rs. 2 crores of profit.
As of now, Rudramadevi collected an overall gross of Rs. 81.77 crores and share of Rs. 48.42 crores. These collections include Rudramdevi’s all language versions and all areas.

In Telugu states, Rudramadevi gross collections are Rs. 47 crores and the share collections are Rs. 32.87 crores. As the run is still going on in a good number of theatres, Rudramadevi is expected to collect Rs. 60 crores in its full run.

But it would be better if Gunasekhar starts some good promotional activities for the movie, so that it can add up to the movie collections.