Rudramadevi TV Premiere After 2 Years!


Rudramadevi-TV-Premiere-After-2-YearsIn this age when films of even star heroes make their way to Small Screen within a few months after their theatrical release, here is one biggie which is gearing up to have its world TV premiere 2 years after its release, a very rare scenario.

The film in news is, Anushka and Allu Arjun starrer historical epic, ‘Rudramadevi’. Released on 9th October, 2015, this Gunasekhar directorial is going to have its world TV premiere on 15th October 2017. The reason for this much delay is said to be the reluctance of director-producer Gunasekhar in selling the satellite rights as he wasn’t being offered the amount he was expecting.

The satellite rights were finally bagged by ETV after prolonged negotiations. We need to see how well the film attracts viewers after so much delay.