‘Rudrmadevi’ First Look on Anushka birthday


Rudrmadevi-First-LookRudramadevi is the first 3D periodic drama on Telugu screen. It is being directed and produced by Gunasekhar. Ilayaraja is composing the music. Thota Tharani has designed grand sets for this historical drama. Rudrama Devi is based on the life history of Queen of Kakatiya dynasty Rudramadevi. Almost 50% of the shoot is completed.

Few days ago, few leaked stills of Rudramadevi were circulated on social networking sites. Gunasekhar announced that those stills are not from his film. He said that First Look poster of Rudramadevi will be released on Nov 07 on the eve of Anushka’s birthday. We’ll have to wait and see how our Jejamma looks in Rudramadevi’s get up.