Saaho Beauty’ Shraddha Kapoor Donates Her Clothes To Help Charitable Institutions


The craze of Bollywood beauty Shraddha Kapoor is very high. More than focusing on the hit movies, the actress loves to encourage content-oriented films. Though the pace of her career faced a speed breaker with flop movies like Haseena Parkar and Half Girlfriend, the actress is all set to entertain the Tollywood audience with Prabhas’s upcoming movie. The Telugu audience are recognising this beauty as the Saaho heroine now.

Shraddha Kapoor stays active in the charity works as well. We can’t predict how much of her remuneration will go to the charity, we can definitely say that she participates actively in such events. It seems like this beauty got a brilliant Idea now. She is planning to sell her clothes in an auction and donate the money she got for the animal protection department. This actress is now giving lectures and is stating that she already has a pet dog in her house and she loves animals.

We know that the actors wear so many dresses both on screen and off screen, but she is stating that there will be so many unused dresses as well. So, by selling these dresses in an auction, the actress is going to help the animal protection department. However some are commenting that instead of her dresses, she could have donated the remuneration she took for the upcoming action thriller Saaho.