Sai Dharam Fans over-action at Nakshatram Launch


Nakshatram-Audio-Launch-EveUsually, Audio Launches of star-studded films will be planned at Shilpa Kala Vedika to accommodate as many fans as possible. In the case of medium-range heroes, Ballrooms in Star Hotels will be booked and you don’t get to see too much hungama of fans much here due to limited space/passes.

Yesterday, Fans of Sai Dharam Tej annoyed guests with their over-action at ‘Nakshatram’ audio launch. Not only placards were displayed but the speeches of guests has been disrupted with chants of Supreme Star. The situation only got worse when Krishna Vamsi got hold of mike to speak few words about Sundeep Kishan. The Filmmaker returned the mike after Tej Fans began loud chants. Sundeep Kishan pleaded Fans to allow KV to speak as he has been waiting for that moment for so long but nobody paid heed to it. Krishna Vamsi didn’t accept the mike though Sundeep Kishan offered it to him once again.

The hungama of Tej Fans at ‘Nakshatram’ audio launch has become a talking point. Culture began by Pawan Fans seems to be having a bad influence on rest of the Mega Fans as well.