Sai Pallavi Suggestion to Priya Prakash Varrier


It’s a known fact that Priya Prakash Varrier has become a social media sensation. When we observe something, a movie made Sai Pallavi a sensation as well. Her outstanding performance as Malar in Malayalam movie Premam has smitten the hearts of so many. There is a suggestion that this old sensation is giving to the new sensation.

‘I suggest her to pick good films. I gained a lot of recognition just with one movie. But the responsibilities also got increased. I still doubt whether I can get the same recognition if i did 10 other films instead of Premam. Priya also gained such recognition. So, i suggest her to select projects that suit her and she should remember that rather than gaining popularity, protecting it is really hard.” Said Pallavi by combining her experience.

The original version of Premam has become a sensation at that time. Not only in Kerala, Sai Pallavi became well-known as Malar in all the states. If Priya also succeeds in maintaining her craze, she is definitely become another Sai Pallavi.