Who said SHE is My Sister?: Anjali



Media gave extensive coverage to the report that Anjali’s Younger Sister Aradhya is making her acting debut in both Tollywood and Kollywood. The Debutante introduced herself as Anjali’s Sister and claims to be taking inspiration from her.

Anjali’s sister Aradhya Hot Photoshoot

However, Anjali’s Manager Riaz K Ahmed tweeted: ‘News spreading that Anjali’s Sister entering movies is untrue. She’s has one elder sister who’s living happy marred life’. Soon, The Actress retweeted this post to issue confirmation from her side.

Why does Aradhya project herself as Anjali’s Sister if she isn’t her Family Member? Anjali had differences with her Step-Mom. This controversy could have happened because of the family dispute. Such issues only have a negative impact on the career of both Anjali & Aradhya. It’s better for them if they resolve the differences in an amicable manner instead of making a mockery of themselves in public.