Salman Khan analysis on Baahubali Success


Salman-Khan-analysis-on-BaahubaliSalman Khan offered credit for the mighty success of ‘Baahubali: The Conclusion’ to the Hindi Audience who are so accepting. He went on to say Hindi Audience made a Telugu Film so big inspite of not knowing more than 3 to 4 Southern Stars.

The ‘Dabangg’ Star opined: ‘Though South Audiences knew us, Our Films haven’t done such a volume of business due to the loyalty shown by the fans to their Actors. A Kamal Haasan Fan will remain the same forever. Similarly, A fan of Rajinikanth would continue like that for life. Here, My Fan would watch the films of Aamir & vice versa’.

‘Piracy is another huge threat for Bollywood. In South, Fan Clubs protect the star-studded films from pirates’.

The views expressed by Salman Khan are close to reality but every Southern Flick can’t be a ‘Baahubali’. It took several decades for a Southern Film to dominate in the Hindi circuit. If Bollywood focuses on addressing the loopholes like piracy, The revenue generation will grow multi-fold for sure in the coming years.