Salman Khan beats Shah Rukh Khan on Facebook


salman-khan-fbSalman Khan has had a spectacular new year as the `Dabbang` star has now got over 12 million followers on the social networking website – Facebook.

Salman and SRK who have been rivals for the past few years have had millions of fans across India, and their films are the most anticipated films in any year. These millions of fans also follow their official pages on Twitter and Facebook and love that the stars interact with them on a personal level through it.

Shah Rukh`s Twitter handle @iamSRK has about 6.3 million fans while his Facebook page has 6 million fans following his posts. Salman on the other hand has 5.8 million fans on Twitter and a whopping 12 million fans on FB.

The social media has become a great way to promote the stars` upcoming projects. Many Film production companies also have started getting official pages to promote their movies and music through these social networking sites.

Farah Khan`s `Happy New Year`, which is set to release on Diwali in 2014, has made anofficial site, and the first poster is being distributed by the star cast with a special message and a autograph of the popular stars.

`Jai Ho`, Salman`s upcoming project also involved it`s fans on Twitter and Facebook to release it`s poster in December 2013.