Salman Khan denied visa to UK


Salman-Khan-visaIt was reported on Friday that actor Salman Khan, who is slated to go to London for the shoot of filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick, has apparently been denied a UK visa.

Speculation was that it was due to his involvement in the hit-and-run case, however, after talking to his father,

writer Salim Khan, we’ve been told that the visa issue is not related to the pending case.
Khan says, “There were some technical issues. Salman already has a 10-year tourist visa which is still valid. However, some issues came up while trying to get a work permit. They needed some additional papers, which have now been called for and will be presented to them.”

He adds that at no point was the permit rejected. Khan says, “It was put on hold. Salman is in the city as of now, but as soon as the required additional paperwork finishes — which should happen soon — he will take off for London. This has nothing to do with the court case.”

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