Salman Khan Kick Movie 1st Day Collections Details


kick-collectionsKick Opening:

Kick  opening day in UAE: $272,000 ( Rs 1.63 Crore) from 68 screens.

Day 1 India very early estimate: 28-32 Crore

Circuit wise data so far:

Rajasthan: 1.9 Crore while Dhoom 3 was 1.96 Crore
CI: 99 Lakh while Dhoom 3 was 1.3 Crore
CP Berar : 1.43 Crore while Dhoom 3 was 1.65 Crore

Trends points to 30 crore  start with actual being a few crore up or down but even if it ends on lower side of 30 the number will be extraordinary for an pre eid release.

More details in morning

Kick has Bumper opening Today.

Kick is definitely challenging for all Time top opener.

30 Crore in a day has only been done by 3 films so far Chennai Express, Dhoom 3 and Ek Tha Tiger

All Time Top Opening Days:

Dhoom 3 ( Hindi version): 31.86 Crore
Ek Tha Tiger: 30.61 Crore
Chennai Express ( Hindi version): 30.48 Crore

Kick is highest opener of 2014 and ahead of Salman ‘s previous Jai Ho.

Kick Budget:

KICK has been sold by Producers to UTV for distribution

UTV ‘s Landing Cost for India + Overseas: 125 crore ( including promotion cost)

( This is the price at which its performance will be rated)

Production Cost of Kick estimated to be about 105-110 crores

Pre release Profit for Producers : 15-20 crore estimated

Salman Khan’s Fee: Satellite rights which is the same for all his movies
( valued at 50 crore Salman has a separate satellite right deal with Star )

Since satellite rights will not go to UTV so they have to work with only theatrical business and music rights

Kick Box Office Expectations:

The price that distributors have paid for the movie means that their expectation from this movie is a minimum of 200 Crores lifetime.

Trade Expectations for Opening Day: Rs 20-25 Crore. Anything above 25 Crores would be unprecedented for the movie.

A challenge to Dhoom 3 Lifetime would be hard for Kick because it faces a strong competition just 2 weeks post release from Akshay’s Entertainment and Ajay’s Singham returns  while Dhoom 3 had a 3 week free run before any competition appeared .

Kick makers have made a difficult decision of releasing Kick 5 days before Eid this means that there will be pre eid effect and the first day will likely be lower than that of Dhoom 3 or Chennai Express.

5th Day Tuesday is when Eid falls and  trade expects the movie to make  the maximum on that day

Kick Insurance:

Kick has been insured for 250-300 Crores for production, publicity, legal and distribution . Kick’s distributor has taken a policy to cover distributors’ loss of revenue that protects their interests from the date of release till 60 days. This is mostly to cover any legal or production issues which might cause any loss in revenue.

Kick territory wise selling price ( this is what is being reported in Trade):

For Individual territories Kick is being bought by individual distributors from UTV at a price  between chennai express and Dhoom 3 business.

Rajasthan: 8.7 crore
West Bengal: 6.11 Crore
CP Berar: 7.11 Crore
Bihar: 4.21 crore
Mysore: 7.1 Crore
Nizam: 7.5 Crore
Nepal: 1.15 Crore
CI: 5.8 Crore
Orrisa: 1.81 Crore