Salman Khan plays the villain


Salman-Khan-plays-the-villaEven as Salman Khan readies to play the most villainous role of his career with Race 3, the actor seems to be practicing hard to get into the role. But, it seems like Salman is taking to his onscreen character in real life as well. The action began when he made sure that John Abraham wouldn’t be a part of the Race franchise anymore.

While Salman himself has replaced Saif Ali Khan in the third part of the series, he did not want his old enemy John Abraham to be a part of the movie. Salman and John were involved in a squabble eleven years ago when they were on a world tour and there were differences over the payments made to various stars for their performances. Following this, the two actors never spoke to each other for four-and-a half years.

They are no longer openly fighting — after a brief meet and greet on the sets of John’s Desi Boyz. But even after the end of the cold war, they refuse to get together or speak warmly.