Salman Khan took an auto ride and then paid the driver 19 times the fare


Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan doesn’t mind travelling short distances on either a bicycle or auto rickshaw once in a while. On Wednesday, He ditched his luxury cars and got into an Auto to reach his home from the Studio.

Actually, Katrina Kaif was taking part in the promotions of her upcoming film ‘Jagga Jasoos’ with ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor in the same studio. Upon knowing that Salman was in the studio, Katrina went to meet the ‘Tube Light’ Star. After completion of their conversation, Salman escorted Kat to her car and even obliged the request of fans to pose for pictures. To everyone’s surprise, He preferred an auto ride to reach home.

The Auto Rickshaw Driver was on cloud nine and can’t believe something like that has happened in his life. Salman Khan paid Rs 1,000 to the driver though the fare would be not more than Rs 50.Salman-Khan-took-an-auto-ride