Salman’s Little Fan trending on NET


The news that Bollywood muscular hero Salman Khan is sentenced 5 years in jail has not only shocked the people but also left the fans devastated. The little fan of Sallu who really got affected and offended by thi fact seems to be this cute girl in the video.

Soon after the news about Salman Khan’s imprisonment broke out, a video surfaced online. In that 1 minute video a girl appears crying her eyes out. When asked about the reason, she states that Salman Khan was arrested. With tears rolling out of her eyes, the baby girl is saying that so many criminals are out and even going to foreign countries but the government has in imprisoned Salman Khan for 5 years for a small mistake. She added that officials could have just warned him and if he continues to be in jail then she can either eat nor go to the school and her mother seems to be convincing her girl.

Some are commenting that it is scripted video but it went viral on social media. Salman Khan has already spent 2 nights in the Jodhpur Jail and the bail petition is to be looked upon on Friday. The final decision has been postponed.