Salman’s Wife Made A Chaos


Salman Khan’s marriage is obviously an evergreen topic in Bollywood. Despite turning 50, this masculine hero has been leading his life as the Most Eligible Bachelor. Even though he is a senior hero, the following of Sallu Bhai is more than any young star hero. Especially his female fan following is very large.

Recently, Salman met one of his female die-hard fan. She took a step ahead of all other fans and claimed that Salman is her husband. She even gave her entry into his apartment. In fact his house has a 24/7 security. But she escaped it and entered into the house. She started knocking on the apartment door of Salman. As the alarms started ringing, the security came and tried to catch her. But the girl started screaming that Sallu is her husband.

Interestingly, Salman was not in India when this incident happened. He went to foreign for the shooting of Race 3. That poor girl has made a chaos thinking that Salman was there in the house. However, no police case is registered. As fans can be crazy and over react sometimes, they just left her.