Samantha Changed After Marriage


Samantha Akkineni married Naga Chaitanya after being in a relationship with him for 3 years and being a friend of him for a decade.

Both the actors got married in last October and they became the cutest couple of the Telugu Cinema World.

Ever since, both have started doing more films than before and Samantha started doing only films that had a significant role for her.

She talked about the changes marriage brought in her personality and life. She said, “After marriage, like every married woman my priorities changed. I think more about my house and wonder about it than the career like I used to do before.”

She continued, “Even my choices in acting career have changed and I try to keep it all balanced with my family life too. Right now, I think I should not accept movies just for work but they should have some significance.”

She also shared that she wants to continue being systematic and become more organised to balance everything happening in profesional and personal life.