Samantha Demand 1.5 crores for 3 Lip locks


Samantha-Demand-1.5-crores-Samantha is not ready to leave any chance for gaining cash and she even charges for every scene in movie which is making her more costly heroine of South India. Samantha who manages to stay alive in media with her controversies all the time also has time to be in news for her sexy appeal and bumper offers in films.

Samantha who is busy in her new film with Vijay in Kollywood has something surprising news for producer and media now. It is heard that Samantha need to lip lock vijay for three times in film and Samantha who almost kissed all her co stars accepts for this too but this time not so easy and costs high for it.

As per latest sources Samantha is demanding 1.5 crore for 3 kiss scenes in film and she also offers to show some hot looks on screen for this 1.5 crore. Samantha is on demand and producer is also planning to pay her such a high amount as she is carrying a good craze now. Let’s wait and watch what all demands is Samantha left behind with.